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Title : Students Suicide in Bangladesh due to Lockdown and Economics Factors related to COVID-19: Analysis of Media Reports

Abstract :

Suicidal cases during the COVID-19 may has several causes regarding the impact of pandemic, but suicidal incidences among students occurred in Bangladesh required a scientific concern. This study aims to evaluate the 5 suicide cases occurred in Bangladesh. For this, we have searched all the online news portals (both Bangla and English newspapers) by the defined keywords from April to September. Relevant newspaper articles were sorted by the inclusion criteria and transcribed into for content analysis. All the cases were tertiary level of students, young (age< 30 years), homicide taken place at their residence either by hanging or cutting nerves. Reported news articles demonstrated the stressful life events due to conflicted relationships, grief and rejection of life as the reasons of these cases. Though enhanced isolation and physical distance due to lockdown and movement restrictions indicated an increases level of SLEs as it impacts on social communications and in love life but there is no evidence of direct effect of implication of COVID-19 pandemic of those incidences. Therefore, further investigation incorporated with psychosocial evaluation is suggested and concern at the family level is required for reducing suicidal behaviors.

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