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Title : Strengthening Endoscopic Services Marketing Strategy in A New University-Based Hospital During COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract :

In March 2022 will be exactly two years when we are in the situation of the coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic. It is not a short time for hospital management to evaluate and take lessons from the disruption crisis caused by this pandemic. Many hospitals must change hospital policy, service flow, and even their excellent services to COVID-19 cases. A case study to observe and know-how the development and marketing of endoscopic service in a new university-based hospital, Universitas Indonesia Hospital that was inaugurated in 2019 was immediately hit by the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic be a precious experience. We conducted a qualitative study approach with observation, in-depth interviews with various stakeholders, and literature searches during a residency at the hospital. Optimization of the marketing mix 7p strategy is an effective method for the hospital's resilience. The priority service change from non-COVID-19 services to COVID-19 cases impacts some services that need more resources but could be revenue center if it is well managed. It was actively involved in handling the pandemic. Efforts to continue to pioneer various local government programs in addressing the pandemic have made it compete with other hospitals in its class.

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