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Abstract :

The diversity of races and cultures in Malaysia provide opportunity for the counseling services in schools to tailor the needs of diverse clients. It means that counselor works with a client from a different cultural group and how that might affect interactions that take place within the counseling relationship. Therefore, counseling teachers should have the strategies to work with clients of different races and cultures. The counseling teachers must develop multicultural competencies in order to effectively work with clients from diverse backgrounds This will enable counseling teachers to conduct multicultural counseling sessions. This research was intended to get feedback from counseling teachers about the strategies they used in their practice to improve multicultural counseling. This study employed qualitative research design. The respondents were 15 counseling teachers. The findings of the research show that some of the counseling teachers have practiced several strategies to improve the effectiveness of multicultural counseling. Some of the strategies are initial preparations, encountering less- understood situations of clients, practicing certain strategies, planning treatment processes, evaluating effectiveness, and identifying obstacles in the counseling sessions. Overall, the respondents point out that the strategies used could improve the efficiency of multicultural counseling as this competency is important in counseling services in order to make this service more effective when dealing with clients of various cultures.

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