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Abstract :

Simulation in students of the health sciences is used with the aim of strengthening the theoretical knowledge they acquire. We know that, without a simulated practice for students of nursing, surgical instrumentation, medicine, physiotherapy, etc. These may present shortcomings when facing the labor field. That is why simulation is considered as a tool for the training of students of health sciences, so that they acquire skills, abilities and strengthen theoretical practical knowledge. Determine the teaching-learning relationship in simulation as a pedagogical tool for the training of students in health sciences. A bibliographic review was carried out obtaining information from indexed and gray databases, for example, Scielo, PubMed, Dialnet, Revista Hospital ClĂ­nico Universitario de Chile, Educ. MedSuper, Science, Technology and Innovation Magazine, Global Nursing, Social Prism. The information provided was organized in matrices for bibliographic characterization and as a bibliographic manager the application of Mendeley was necessary. Learning styles played an important role within the simulations where the student manages to generate strategies for independent study, implementing skills since each person learns in a different way, that is why they devise the way in which you can capture all that pertinent information that allows you to achieve good clinical practices in your in-hospital practices.

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