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Title : Serum enzymes changes in sheep diagnosed as fascioliasis by ultrasonography

Abstract :

The study was conducted on one hundred fifty local sheep, which divided to two groups first group contain twenty five normal sheep and second group contain one hundred tewenty five affected sheep with liver affection. The results of current study finding of affected sheep that an increase in diffuse echogenicity of the liver was observed on ultrasonographic examination in sheep with severe irregular nodular masses diffuse in hepatic parenchyma and sheep with moderate irregular nodular masses diffuse in hepatic parenchyma and sonographic features focal nodular hyperplasia in liver. Lesions have been documented appear greater echogenicity than the normal liver parenchyma, and a central highly echogenic area. Hepatic masses may be sonographically characterized as a diffuse, increased echogenicity in a normal to enlarged liver. Serum biochemical in normal and sheep with liver affection revealed a significant differences (p˂0.05).

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