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Title : Seroprevalence of Recurrent Miscarriage in Iraqi Women and Relationship with Frequency of Abortion and Trimester of Pregnancy

Abstract :

Early pregnancy loss is one of the most common problems of the reproductive period, which is the longest period of a woman's life. The study aimed at evaluating the seroprevalence of recurrent miscarriage in Iraqi women and relationship with frequency of abortion and trimester of pregnancy. This study was conducted in the city of Baghdad for the period from February 2020 to November 2020. The study included 53 women suffering from recurrent miscarriages who were attending obstetrics and gynecology consultations in various hospitals in the capital, Baghdad, for obstetrics and gynecology in all stages of pregnancy and whose ages were within the standard fertilization period. The study also included 26 women who did not suffer from abortion and had previously successful deliveries. The study included the collection of comprehensive information from the research participants such as, women's age, education, pregnancy, parity, abortion, number of abortions, kinship with their husbands discussed. Regarding abortion, in the questionnaire form, week of abortion, cause of abortion, information such as low type is included. The study showed no significant differences between RPL group and the control group regarding age groups and suggested that, women age haven’t affected on miscarriage. The study showed that, 42% of aborted women have only one abortion and 13% have 4 abortions, most of cases aborted in the 1st trimester of pregnancy and nearly 1 third of cases haven’t children yet. The study all studied 3 of 53 of cases have IgM against Toxoplasma and 30% of all cases have IgG toward T. gondii, 26% have IgG toward CMV, 24% have IgG toward HSV and 20% have IgG toward rubella. The study showed that Toxoplasma infects many women and causes miscarriage, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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