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Title : Seasonal variation of serum uric acid level in a normal population in Mosul city

Abstract :

Uric acid is an unwanted product that is found in the blood. It results from the breakdown of matters “purines” which is part of many foodstuffs. High amounts of uric acid in the blood can cause crystals precipitation in the joints, which lead to gout, but small number of people with high uric acid levels develop gout. To estimate the serum uric acid level in a normal population in Mosul city, and to evaluate if there is seasonal variation of serum uric acid level. One hundred healthy volunteers; 56 male (56%) and 44 female (44%); collected and subjected for detailed history taking and clinical examination in Ibn-Sena Teaching Hospital and private clinic, during the period (April 2018–April 2020). Blood sample were aspirated monthly; from the same volunteer, through out the year. The blood sample were tested for serum uric acid; blood urea and serum creatinin in Ibn-Sena Teaching Hospital Laboratory and AL-Mansoor private Laboratory in Mosul City. Body mass index (BMI) was calculted for each subject; below normal weight (< 18.5%); normal weight (19-24.9%); over weight (25-29.9%). Eating habit for each volunteer (vegeterian, non vegeterian). The study reveals that, the serum uric acid level is higher in male than in the female throughout the year; this variation is highly significant, the serum uric acid level for the 100 healthy volunteers through out the four season in a year (Winter; Spring; Summer and Autum) show high level in Summer and Autum season than the other seasons, Winter and Spring, this difference is highly significant. The serum uric acid level according to the body mass index (BMI); (below normal weight; normal weight and over weight) for the 100 vlunteers; through out the year show significant difference between them. The blood urea in four seasons through out of the year for the 100 volunteers show no significant. The serum creatinine in four seasons for the 100 volunteers is not significant.

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