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Title : Scientific Integrity and the Academy: A Vision from University Students of Colombia and México

Abstract :

The problem of unethical behavior in science and academia has grown to become a topic of concern in areas related to the generation of knowledge and the training of future researchers, at the level of students to the lack of training at the institutional level and in professionals due to the growing demand to publish, among other factors. Describe the importance and practices that university students have training in recognizing elements of scientific and academic misconduct. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on 33 students from Colombian and Mexican universities, both public and private, through the application of a survey constructed by 12 questions related to their practices of scientific totality in the recognition of probable errors of misconduct and their normalization whether intentional or not. For the analysis, the Wizard 2.0® program was used. Twenty-two (22) Students recognize the importance of scientific integrity for their research and professional training, in addition, that institutions should be permanently trained in these topics. The needs design a model for complaints and sanctions; but also, the universities reinforce the value of training quality in scientific and academic integrity.

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