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Title : Safety of Covid-19 Medication in Special Populations

Abstract :

COVID-19 has no particular therapy yet, although researchers are looking for an appropriate medication. Diabetes mellitus patients had greater Covid-19 morbidity and mortality because of comorbidities and acquired immunodeficiency. This was a review study to detect Safety of Covid-19 medication in a special population. We conducted our search of the following database: PubMed using a broad term and keywords Safety of Covid 19 medication in special population up to December 2021. There were two studies in Saudi Arabia out of eight total. The participants in the 8 trials varied in age from 36 to 65. In the studies, for example, favipiravir was shown to be safe and well-tolerated. There were no new indications or adverse events that required drug discontinuation or dose changes; nevertheless, one patient died as a consequence of a serious adverse event, acute respiratory distress syndrome. Favipiravir may be crucial for ensuring successful therapy, minimizing mortality, and enabling early discharge when it comes to Covid-19 medicine. However, more clinical trials are urgently needed to determine the efficacy and safety of this antiviral nucleoside for COVID-19 treatment.

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