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Title : Role of Vitamin D Supplementation for Symptoms and Lung Function Improvement in Long COVID Patient

Abstract :

Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome (PACS) or acute post-COVID-19 syndrome or also known as "Long Covid", is a collection of persistent symptoms and long-term complications more than four weeks after the onset of initial symptoms. One of the leading causes of these long-term complications is pulmonary fibrosis, with an incidence of almost 25% in patients a year after hospitalization. Vitamin D is an important substance to our body homeostasis and regulation. Vitamin D has pleiotropic effect as pulmonary antifibrosis. This research aims to directly provide vitamin D3 supplements, especially in improving lung function in pulmonary fibrosis patients after COVID-19 infection. This study was a one-group, quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design conducted at Labuang Baji hospitals in the eastern part of Indonesia. The population of this study was patients post-covid-19 infection with negative PCR results at least three months, had persistent symptoms of covid 19, and a CT scan confirmed pulmonary fibrosis or destroyed lung results. Lung function was measured using spirometry before and after the intervention (Vitamin D3 5000 IU supplementation with a frequency of once per day for two months). This study included 20 cases of Lung Fibrosis post-Covid-19. The majority of respondents were women and between the ages of 40 and 49. Among 20 patients, most of them fatigue or dyspneu or shortness of breath as their main symptoms. After 2-months supplementation of Vitamin D 5000 IU, number of patients who had shortness of breath and fatigue reduced significantly (From 11 to 3 and from 11 to 2 patients, respectively). 85% of our patient had deficient-insufficient status of vitamin D. We found restrictive pattern as a dominant lung function in our patient. There was significant improvement in lung function status after 2-months vitamin D supplementation (p=0.02). Vitamin D supplementation for Long COVID may have benefit for symptoms and lung function improvement.

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