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Title : Role of Screening Tests in Prevention: Example Breast Cancer

Abstract :

The country has a high incidence of malignant tumors. The number of contingents of cancer patients registered in specialized institutions amounted to more than 2 million 164 thousand at the end of 2019. In recent years, specialists have achieved certain success in the treatment of malignant neoplasms and, thus, the prognosis of diseases is generally improving. At the same time, the increasing life expectancy of a significant number of patients cannot remain the only criterion for the level of cancer care. In the organization of medical and social care, the most important indicator is the cure rate from malignant neoplasms, which means not only the clinical recovery of patients, but also their return to their previous social status. Cancer pathology is one of the most complex medical and social problems of civilization. This is due to the rapid growth rates, the severity of complications, the specific effect on the body, which is why the role of screening studies is increasing. Lack of oncological alertness among general practitioners, insignificant personal clinical experience of oncological pathology aggravates the difficulties of diagnosis. Therefore, issues of timely diagnosis are the main ones in the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of cancer.

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