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Title : Role and outcome of primary health care centers in screening and early detection of breast cancer in Baghdad

Abstract :

Accurate risk assessment for breast cancer is needed for risk-adapted screening and prevention strategies; risk assessment combining classic risk factors and mammographic density may be valid for many years after evaluation Aim of the study to explore the application of breast cancer screening and early detection program in primary health care centers, determine the clinically relevant outcomes for these patients. Retrospective study by taking information from al-Elwiya women health recording system. The data obtained from information system database for women who came early detection breast cancer clinic. To differentiation between two main differences (initial diagnosis with the age) the mass detection at age 37-+12.0 years while screening at age 49.5-+9.4 and by final diagnosis the mean age of benign mass detection 38.4-+10.7 and the malignant mass 38.0-+8.3 year. With comparison between initial and final diagnosis most of clients complained from pain had mastalgia (87.4%), and 39 (59.15%) of those complaining from mass had benign mass and 21 (95.5%) client seeking for screening program was normal. Women can complain from breast problems common complaining was breast pain, which is mostly benign condition, malignancy, could come at any age and have many presentations or even without; screening was inactivated in Iraqi PHC.

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