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Title : Risk factors and behaviors present in patients diagnosed with cervical cancer. Barranquilla, Atlántico / Colombia

Abstract :

The female population is at high risk of acquiring the Human Papilloma Virus at any time in their lives, it is associated with cervical cancer and risk factors such as the early start of sexual relations, low social, cultural and educational level. To determine the factors associated with cervical cancer in the population that attends a private institution in Barranquilla, Colombia. Quantitative descriptive cross-sectional study, the sample consisted of 50 women, non-probabilistic sampling, women from the age of 13 were included, without distinction of ethnicity, level of education, socioeconomic, excluding women with diagnosed mental disorders, and that they did not want to participate, they stopped attending and abandoned the follow-up. Average age of 35.5 ± 6.17 years, between strata 1 and 2 of the rural area, these women also had their first pregnancy at ages between 20-24 years (P <0.001), they performed the pap smear twice a year, these factors being associated with cervical cancer. Sociodemographic characteristics, behavioral and gyneco-obstetric factors are risk factors that influence the diagnosis and direction of the development of pathologies such as cervical cancer.

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