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Title : Report on the 46th workshop for medical education

Abstract :

The objective of this study was evaluating the factors related to attitudes of primary school teachers in first and second grade of public and private schools on abuse of students in City of Dorud in year 1394. The studied population was comprised of 350 teachers in elementary schools for girls and boys in first and second grades. The research samples were selected randomly and includes 160 teachers with minimum 1-year job experience. For data collection, a questionnaire was used that includes three sections of demographic questions, 20 questions on attitude, and 20 questions regarding factors related to attitudes on abuse. The collected data was analyzed using Pearson correlation, independent t-test, and analysis of variance. Our results showed that various factors such as unfavorable economic conditions, lack of school amenities, dissatisfaction with the administrative processes, and low income are among the most significant factors affecting the teachers’ attitude on abuse of students.

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