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Title : Ratio of Male to Female Infertility in Baghdad Al-Karkh (2015-2020)

Abstract :

Infertility is a common problem worldwide as male, female infertility or combined infertility which has psychological and social impact. Genetic, diabetes, pituitary factors, toxins, sexually transmitted disease (STD), idiopathic cause and many important roles can cause female infertility and male infertility. Problem diagnosis include, semen analysis, for male, female partner tested for hormonal para meters, and other parameter can help to define and treat infertility. This study included 1724 infertile female and male, was carried out in the High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies \ AL- Nahrain University, and Um Al-Baneen of infertility center / Baghdad-Iraq as these centers attract the most of infertile capsules in al Karkh side of Baghdad. The goals of this study is to know the ratios between male to female infertility in Baghdad, near Karkh, specifically for the years 2015 to 2020. Due to the large number of cases of infertility for both sexes recently. The results was found that the rate of infertility is similar between males and females in almost all years except for the year 2015. The female infertility rate prevailed over male sterility in a small percentage.

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