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Title : Quantitative electroencephalographic changes in autism spectrum disorder with relation to severity of behavioral abnormality

Abstract :

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder with increasing prevalence over the past years. Its diagnosis and grading depend on Scales like CARS, ADOS and GARS scales. Our aim is to test if EEG abnormalities found in ASD patients are related to the presence and severity of behavior dysfunction. This is a cross sectional study conducted in the period from September 2021 till March 2022. It included 53 patients (41 males and12 females, with age ranging between 3 and 12 years) diagnosed by an experienced psychiatrist according to DSM5 criteria. Patients were recruited from 4 autism centers in Al-Hillah city. All patients were assessed by history, physical examination and Gilliam autism rating scale (GARS 3). Then they undergo quantitative electroencephalographic recording in awake state. The study results showed that Increased spectra power of alpha frequency qEEG pattern was significantly related to the severity level of behavioral abnormality. We conclude that QEEG can be used as a marker for further assessment of ASD symptoms and behavioral abnormalities.

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