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Title : Quality Process Of The Surgical Instrumentation In The Reduction Of Error In The Surgical Field

Abstract :

It was observed that in Colombia there is little research on the individual responsibility of the surgical instrumentator. However, the studies identified in the country show that in the professional practice their disciplinary participation can generate iatrogeny. The most frequent and individual corresponds to insufficient inputs for the needs of the patient, which may be associated with the social security system. Other iatrogenies related to the surgical instrumentator are burns, incomplete counts of the material, improper handling of specimens, incorrect completion of records and lack of verification of the state of the technological elements. These aspects were considered among the fundamental results, since they are a starting point to evaluate iatrogenies in health care institutions related to the function of surgical instrumentation. Identify the impact that the professional in surgical instrumentation has on the reduction of error in the surgical field. Within the research carried out, it was possible to identify that there are different factors that influence the participatory responsibility of a surgical instrumentator and the importance it has in the surgical field and the relationship it has with the entire multidisciplinary team.

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