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Title : Psychometric Scale for Assess the Barriers of Adult Nursing Students to follow up on Mental Health Counselling in Iraq

Abstract :

The experience of applying the psychometric scale to a conscious age group of the Iraqi people to meet the psychological and mental needs and to consider mental counselling an important part in the life of the individual and to avoid the obstacles that prevent going to the psychologist. The study aims to identify the barriers and attitudes of adult nursing students in following up on the mental health counselling. A descriptive study was conducted on July 16 and September 29, 2021 at the College of Nursing to identify the barriers and attitudes of the College of Nursing students in applying psychometrics to follow up on mental health counselling and their demographic characteristics. One hundred students were chosen randomly. Descriptive statistics have been used extensively in the 16th edition of the SPSS. The study found that the final evaluation of the barriers items (27) to assess the barriers and their attitudes (10) that prevent the follow-up of mental health counselling indicated that the students did not follow-up significantly. According to the results of the current study, the majority of students do not follow or agree to mental health counselling in Iraq and consider it unimportant. We recommend doing consultations in the direction of mental health, and we also recommend doing health education, starting with schoolchildren and then university students, indicating the importance of follow-up to mental health.

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