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Title : Psychiatric Health as The Dominant Factor of Covid-19 Symptom

Abstract :

Strictly implementing health protocols have been campaigned continuously during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 keeps growing and reaches even more than thousands of cases per day. This study aims to determine the dominant factor of the Covid-19 symptom using a binary logistic regression model. This is a cross-sectional study using 415 respondents from the productive age population in Yogyakarta. The data collected was Covid-19 symptoms experienced by respondents in the last 14 days and 8 variables sourced from the health protocol and the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale. The instrument used was an online questionnaire. Data was collected for 1 month, which was at the beginning of the outbreak (March-April 2020). The data obtained were analyzed by Binary Logistic Regression. The results showed that the dominant factors for the Covid-19 symptom were psychiatric health condition affected the mild symptom shifting to severe symptom, but the handwashing activities and the body immune did not affect the shifting. If people with mild symptoms have severe psychiatric health conditions, they would have a 9 times risk shift into severe Covid-19 symptoms. and if people with mild symptoms have mild psychiatric health conditions, they will have 5 times the risk of shifting into severe Covid-19 symptoms. In conclusion, the dominant factors that affect the occurrence of the mild symptom shifting to severe symptom were psychiatric health conditions and the risk factor was 5-9 times. People had to pay more attention to keeping psychiatric health conditions so that they would not shift into severe symptoms.

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