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Title : Prioritizing Lean Six Sigma Initiatives Using the Modified Quality Function Deployment in the New Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Abstract :

Proper selection of quality improvement projects is critical. Improper selection results in wasted efforts, resources, and a frustrated staff. This study applied an innovative, well-structured, proven-to -be effective method; Modified Quality Function Deployment (MQFD), in prioritizing Lean Six Sigma (LSS) quality improvement initiatives, for the first time in a promising mega hospital (New Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital). The study aim was to improve the quality of services provided by the New Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital Intensive Care Unit (NKHICU) with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and staff morale. The study used a health system operations research, exploratory study design. External feedback was identified using satisfaction interview questionnaire with 30 NKHICU patients who matched selection criteria. Another satisfaction interview questionnaire was used for 30 NKHICU visitors. The average satisfaction score of the included participants was calculated. Structured observation was also used for the NKHICU. The research team provided training for some members of staff. Internal staff feedback was identified using in-depth interviews and small group discussions with the top managers and process-owners of the NKHICU. Average LSS initiative scores were calculated, ranked, compiled with the external customer voices in the ‘House of Quality’. The final priority LSS initiatives were decided by management with the top one identified as sustainable adequate financial source generation, linked to many opportunities for improvements. We concluded that the MQFD method is effective in identifying priorities of LSS quality improvement initiatives in the NKHICU. It can be replicated in other settings in the Hospital.

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