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Title : Preparedness Planning and Management: A Literature Review Emergency Fire

Abstract :

Global policies on fire disaster management have highlighted individual and community responsibilities and roles in managing risk and promoting coping capacity. Establishment of local preparedness technique is viewed as a vital element in real response and rescue. The main purpose of the paper is review. This review paper represents a synthesis of available literature on emergency fire disaster preparedness published between 2000 and 2020, based on eligibility criteria. We performed a systematic search using electronic as well as manual methods for published articles. After that, we identified fire preparedness planning and management strategies suitable for developing countries like Bangladesh context. However, people require suf´Čücient knowledge, motivation and resources to engage in preparedness management activities. Public involvement has now been acknowledged as one of the main factors in reducing fire disaster risk. Fire disaster management from probable reaction, comprehensive risk reduction culture, and the capability of disaster management system in refining the response and recovery management can help to mitigate the challenges in Bangladesh. So, the target is to build resilience through improved disaster risk reduction policies and practices, and similarly maintain and improve capacity fire services. Furthermore, studies are needed to analyze the conditional cash transfer interventions to prevent fire disaster in Bangladesh and other countries would provide better evidence.

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