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Title : Pigments synthesis by microorganisms: an overview

Abstract :

Utilization of synthetic dyes in industries is problematic imposing potential health and environmental hazards. Several dyes have been banned internationally according to the recommendations of international organizations like WHO and FAD. Looking for safe and eco-friendly with low cost-effectiveness is becoming the gold standard solution to overcome risks derived from synthetic dyes. Microbial pigments are excellent alternates as they are safe and environmentally eco-friendly. Microbial pigments could be produced by a wide panel of microbes mainly bacteria and fungi. Some microbial pigments are currently utilized in food industries, cosmetics, etc. Searching for novel microbial pigments should be attained much interest to satisfy the demands of pigments markets. Nevertheless, scaling up the production of microbial pigments is restricted by their low yield. Several strategies aiming to increasing the yield of microbial pigments should be considered. Hence, the present review aims at reviewing the production of pigments by microorganisms and strategies employed towards enhanced yields from the producer strain.

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