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Title : Physiological and biochemical role of Visfatin, Resistin and homocysteine in patients with type II Diabetes mellitus

Abstract :

Type 2 diabetes is an emerging epidemic worldwide and one of the most common metabolic disorders. Adipokines refer to proteins secreted from adipose tissue, and they act both locally and systemically and express a variety of receptors, allowing them to respond to signals from other hormonal networks. This study was a cross sectional which conducted in Kirkuk city for the period from June 2020 to September population age ranged from (30 – 90) years old. The total of 50 subjects was separated to two groups as following: Type 2 diabetes group: 30 patients and control group: 20 patients. The results referred to the increased levels of Visfatin, Resistin and homocysteine in the diabetic group with highly significant differences (P≤0.01) when compared with control group.

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