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Title : Parotid Basal Cell Adenoma: A Rare Entity

Abstract :

Basal cell adenoma (BCA) is a rare, benign, epithelial tumor of the salivary glands and its cytology closely mimics other conditions. Despite parotid masses being frequently evaluated by fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), a technique that has been demonstrated to have good sensitivity, it is difficult to diagnose BCA with FNAC. We present a 40-year-old male with this uncommon pathology who underwent superficial parotidectomy after a provisional diagnosis of pleomorphic adenoma (PA). It was later confirmed as BCA on histopathology examination. Although BCA is a rare entity, it is a great mimicker of its other benign counterparts. The subtypes of BCA need to be addressed by the surgeon, in planning prognostication and future follow-up.

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