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Title : Pancreatic and Duodenal Rupture: A Case Report

Abstract :

Cases of pancreatic and duodenal trauma are rare, accounting for 2-4% of all abdominal trauma. A 28-year-old complained of abdominal pain after falling down eight hours before. Physical examinations showed bruises on the right upper quadrant and epigastrium area, tenderness in all abdominal regions, and muscular defense (+). Laboratory results showed leukocytosis 23,500 /uL. USG showed massive intraabdominal free fluid. Contrast-enhanced abdominal CT scan showed complete lacerations of the body of the pancreas (corpus), renal laceration grade 3, features of shock bowel of the duodenal region, hemoperitoneum and pneumoperitoneum. Patients with pancreatic trauma may present with a triad of leukocytosis, increased serum amylase level and upper abdominal pain. CT scan is the modality of choice in detecting signs of solid visceral organ trauma. 3-position abdominal CT scan has a sensitivity and specificity of 80% for pancreatic trauma. The role of imaging is essential in establishing diagnosis and determining treatment in patients with pancreatic trauma, which can lead to rapid treatment and improve life expectancy.

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