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Abstract :

Acne vulgaris (AV) is one of the most common chronic skin diseases with unknown but has four main pathogenesis factors. In recent years, researchers have begun to look at the role of oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of acne. Several studies have shown an increase in oxidative stress in the skin and systemic conditions found in acne patients. Glutathione is known as the "mother of antioxidants" due to its benefits such as to regulate the immune response system, repair organs and skin, and stimulate the production of other antioxidants. Patients with AV treated with oral glutathione would probably improve their acne condition clinically. Three cases of female patients aged 19 and 20 years with mild to moderate acne vulgaris were administered single therapy of 500mg glutathione taken orally for four weeks to see if there is clinical improvement of their acne vulgaris condition. All three patients came to Dermatology-Venereology Department in Prof. RD Kandou Hospital, Manado Indonesia, in different times. Three female patients, one patient with mild severity and two patients with moderate severity of AV. All patients had no history of atopy, no drug allergic reactions, no chronic disease, were not taking routine medications, and were not being treated with any acne therapy in the last 1 month. During the consumption of this supplement, there were no significant complaints experienced by the patients. Face photographs was performed on the 1st day and on the 29th day. Oral glutathione 500mg single dose may provide a clinical improvement of mild to moderate acne vulgaris.

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