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Title : Online Interprofessional Simulation in Indonesian Health Institutions: Assessing Students' Readiness and Group Discussion Activities during COVID-19

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AbstractBackground: COVID-19 pandemic is a deadly disease that has affected health education institutions. During this time, these institutions went through a lot of changes. They moved from face-to-face learning to virtual learning, and one of the courses that should be taught online is interprofessional education (IPE). This study aimed to measure students group discussion activities and students' readiness during online interprofessional simulation based on case scenarios with standardized patients (SPs). Methods: The respondents were 956 students, 112 instructors, and 15 SPs. The study was done at six Indonesian colleges of health professions with students in nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, environmental sanitation, medical laboratory technology, dental health, and nutrition. Collecting data was done by using an online survey of the RIPLS (readiness of interprofessional learning scale) and IGD scales. Results: The results showed that how students felt about their readiness for IPE and activities during IGD depended a lot on the type of discipline, the degree program, and the number of people in the group. Multi-comparisons using post-hoc tests showed that the type, degree program, and several disciplines have a big impact on IPE and IGD readiness. Conclusion: An online interprofessional simulation that used case-based scenarios and involved SPs showed positive and meaningful results in group discussion activities and learning readiness. It takes careful planning to combine online IPE learning with other professions or fields of study while combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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