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Title : Online Culture-Based Stress Management for Nurses in Isolation Room of COVID-19

Abstract :

The incidence of Covid19 patients in Indonesia has not yet experienced a graph of decline so that it has an impact on service facilities in hospitals. This study also impacts health workers, especially nurses who help in handling patients infected with the Covid19 virus. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of online-based stress management interventions on the stress levels of nurses in isolation rooms. The method used in this research is quantitative research with a pre-experimental approach. The sample selection by using purposive sampling technique, with a sample size of 20 respondents. The sample consisted of nurses who worked caring for COVID-19 patients. The results obtained in this study are the stress level of nurses before being given intervention is moderate stress with the min-max value results (33-45). After being given the intervention to stress nurses, mild stress results obtain with a min-max value (28-37). Based on the value before and after the intervention received p-value <0.001. The application of online-based stress management interventions in isolation rooms can apply to minimize the incidence of stress on nurses. This stress event can be at risk of decreasing the quality of nursing care for patients and impacting the quality of patient satisfaction.

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