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Title : Online Based Coping Skill Intervention for Family caregivers Of Older Adult With dementia: A Systematic Review

Abstract :

Dementia caregiving may caused negative impact to caregiver. It can be minimized with effective ways to adapt to stress and effective coping strategies. Caregiver copings affected respond to stressors, quality of life, and the people with dementia. Evidence on online-based coping skill interventions for family caregivers of older adults with dementia is essential. This review aims to explore online-based coping skill interventions for family caregivers of older adults with dementia. A systematic review was conducted using electronic databases of SAGE, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Google Scholar, and PubMed. The articles were retrieved using the following keywords: dementia caregiver, coping skills, coping improvement, stress management, online, web-based and caregiver burden. Ten articles were included in the review. The materials provided in online-based coping skill interventions included: mastery of materials for dementia care, relaxation techniques, stress management, psychoeducation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, communication skills, problem-solving skills, healthy living behavior, copings in caring for people with dementia, and planning for the future. Meanwhile, the methods included: online module, video, conference, smartphone application, and telephone. The duration of the intervention mainly was eight weeks. Online-based coping skill interventions for family caregivers were most effective in reducing family caregivers' stress and burden. High-quality studies are needed to identify the effectiveness of online-based interventions to support family caregivers, focusing on caregivers' needs in different stages of dementia, the health of people with dementia, different methods of technology delivery, and the estimated cost of such interventions.

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