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Title : Non-invasive mechanical ventilation vs. oxygen mask following successful weaning from invasive mechanical ventilation in a pediatric tertiary center

Abstract :

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate outcome measures in pediatric patients who underwent non-invasive mechanical ventilation (NIMV), as compared to conventional oxygen mask recipients, following successful invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV). Methods: This randomized observational trial included 110 pediatric patients with respiratory failure and connected to IMV. Patients were randomly categorized into two groups of equal numbers (n=55). Group (I) included oxygen mask recipients, while group (II) included patients who underwent NIMV. The outcome measures were assessed in both groups. Results: The differences between groups as regards age, sex, causes of connection, and duration of IMV were not significant; however, the mean length of stay at the PICU post disconnection of IMV, was significantly shorter for group II compared to group I (2.55 ± 1.42 vs. 4.76 ± 2.01 days, p<0.01). The number of patients with the normal respiratory rate (RR) was higher in group II as compared to group I (p<0.05 at 3, 12, and 48 hours). Group II had significantly fewer patients requiring reconnection to the ventilator than group I patients (4 cases vs. 12 cases, p=0.03). Conclusion: NIMV was superior to conventional oxygen delivery by facemask; NIMV significantly decreased the duration of hospital stay and the risk of patient's reconnection to IMV. Moreover, NIMV led to a significant improvement in RR post successful IMV weaning.

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