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Title : Neonatal urinary uric acid creatinine/ ratio as an additional marker of perinatal asphyxia

Abstract :

The aim of this study is to use urine uric acide/creatinine ratio as simple predictor test for perinatal asphyxia. In this cross sectional study, The study will include (80 neonate: 40 with low apgar and 40 control) to assess the urinary uric acid/creatinine ratio (UA/Cr) in relation to Apgar score and arterial blood gases in first 72 hours. Out of 40 cases there were17 male (42.5%) and 23 female (57.5%), 7 cases were delivered by normal vaginal delivery (17.5%) and 33cases were delivered by cesarean delivery (82.5%). In the control group out of 40 neonates there were 17 male (42%) and 23 female (57%) ,10 cases were delivered by normal vaginal delivery (25%) and 30 cases were delivered by cesarean delivery (75%). The mean weight of the cases group was 2.9 kg with standard deviation 0.2, on the other hand the mean weight of the control group was 3.04 kg with standard deviation 0.23 and P value of 0.005. 30 out of 40 asphyxiated neonates showed increase uric acid creatinine ratio in urine which show accuracy of 98% and specificity of 96%. The ratio of UA/Cr enables early and rapid recognition of asphyxial injury and also the assessment of its severity and the potential for short term morbidity or death.

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