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Title : Mumps and Sterility: A comprehensive review

Abstract :

Mumps is an acute infectious viral disease characterized by hypertrophy and pain of the parotid glands. Although symptoms of mumps are generally limited to infectious parotitis, serious complications such as orchitis, pancreatitis, and meningitis can occur. Unvaccinated postpubertal males diagnosed with mumps virus frequently develop complications such as mumps orchitis between puberty and after puberty males. The mumps virus damages testicular tissue as a result of that infertility occurs. Therefore, it is important for men as well as doctors to be aware of the relationship between mumps and infertility. Here we review the etiology, epidemiology, systemic symptoms and signs , diagnostic methods and complications of mumps orchitis, as a complication of mumps virus, with particular emphasis on orchitis and sterility.

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