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Title : Multifaceted Role of Clinical Nurse Preceptors Questionnaire: Development, Validation and Reliability Testing

Abstract :

Preceptorship facilitates students' learning and prepares them to work independently as professional nurses. The role of preceptors is crucial in providing comprehensive theory-based education, providing close on-site supervision, utilizing adult learning principles, practicing effective communication, coaching, and guiding students. This article aimed to the develop, test the validly and reliability of the Multifaceted Role of Clinical Nurse Preceptors Questionnaire (MRCNP-Q). An exploratory mixed research methods was used. The MRCNP-Q was developed after an extensive review of the literature and a focus group, then the items' content validity was assessed by a panel of experts in nursing education (n = 13), and the Scale Content Validity Index (S-CVI) was calculated. The reliability was evaluated through internal consistency and test-retest reliability. Construct and concurrent validity were also investigated. It was revealed that the S-CVI was 0.93 for relevancy and 0.96 for clarity, and the Items-Content Validity indexes ranged from 0.88 to 0.99. The internal consistency of the final version of the MRCNP-Q with 40 items (n = 211) revealed that the Cronbach alpha coefficient was 0.87 and test-retest reliability over a 2-week interval was satisfactory (ICC = 0.90). The confirmatory factor analysis revealed seven factors: (a) teacher (13 items), (b) facilitator (4 items), (c) adult learning principles adaptor (3 items), (d) role model (4 items), (f) socializer (6 items), (e) advocator (4 items), and (f) feedback provider/evaluator (6 items). It can be concluded that the MRCNP-Q is considered valid in terms of clarity, relevancy, and comprehensiveness of its items. It also showed satisfactory internal consistency, test-retest reliability coefficients, construct and criterion validity results.

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