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Title : Motivation for Seeking Dental Care in Jakarta

Abstract :

Oral health is holding an important role in human health. Oral health is no longer defined as a disease-free condition but as not only physical but also social and mental condition. Therefore, measurement of oral health should consider not only the function of the mouth and teeth but also oral health conditions impact on their daily lives. This research wanted to find out the reason Jakarta’s residents in seeking dental treatment. This analytic survey was conducted at 5 Community health centers with 113 samples. DMF-T, Oral Hygiene, Plaque Index were examined for each sample. After that, each sample should fill in a questioner containing several questions to access the aspects of dental and oral structure, function, and psychosocial related to seek dental treatment. The data were analyzed using multiple regression analyses to find out the relationship among variables. Data from the questioner were analyzed with multiple logistics. As a result, the average of missing teeth was 3.66+0.34, but the mean of the Plaque Index was 0.66+ 0.061, with good oral hygiene (67.26%). The motivation of Jakarta’s residents in seeking professional dental care in Community health centers are because of teeth arrangement, teeth color, and gum color; the ability for chewing the food using posterior teeth, dry mouth, pain at the head and neck; oral condition when meet, talk, eat with others and when participating in activities with others. In conclusion, there is a change of motivation for seeking dental care at the Community health centers.

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