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Title : Mode of delivery-based estimate of the mother to fetus vertical infection of HCV: A multicenter observational study.

Abstract :

HCV is the primary cause of chronic viral hepatitis, and it is estimated that one-third of those infected will develop liver cancer. Mother-to-infant transmission may become the primary route of HCV infection in the future, as there is no current method to prevent vertical transmission. The study included 400 pregnant women and their neonates, with 98 infants born to 98 HCV-positive mothers, resulting in a 100% vertical transmission rate for HCV-NS4 antigen. The mode of delivery did not affect the transmission rate of HCV-NS4 antigen, with 64 cases (22.9%) of vaginal delivery and 34 cases (28.3%) of cesarean section. The transmission rate of HCV antigen did not differ significantly between children born via vaginal delivery or cesarean section after membrane rupture.

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