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Title : Modalities for the management of suicidal patients in liaison psychiatry A one year retrospective study in a Moroccan general hospital

Abstract :

Suicide is one of the leading causes of potentially preventable death among adolescents and young adults. Suicide attempts (SA) can occur within general hospital services. Liaison psychiatry is then at the forefront in the detection and evaluation of suicidal risk in patients treated for potentially disabling organic pathologies and/or for the somatic consequences of a suicide attempt. To determine the profile of suicidal patients seen in liaison psychiatry and the management modalities they underwent, we conducted a retrospective observational study during 2021, within the Mohammed V Military Hospital of Instruction of Rabat. A total of 40 suicidal patients were identified. The median age was 22 years, with a female predominance. Of all study participants, 47.5% had a psychiatric follow-up, 40% had already used psychotropic drugs and 20% had made a previous suicide attempt. Among the services seeking psychiatric consultation, medical-surgical emergencies accounted for 42.5% of cases, surgical services for 25% of patients, and intensive care units for 12.5% of cases. Suicidal thoughts were recorded in 72.5% of cases, verbalization of suicidal ideas in 22.5%, and suicidal behavior in 15%. The most frequently used means of suicide were drug ingestion in 30% of cases, rat poison ingestion in 20% of cases and defenestration in 17.5%. The most frequent diagnoses were adjustment disorder, followed by personality disorder and depressive disorder. Half of the patients had an indication for hospitalization and 47.5% had been kept in the hospital under medical supervision.

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