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Title : Lung and prostate epithelial tissues defects: oncogenic opportunities of human papillomavirus

Abstract :

The oncogenic role of human Papillomavirus (HPV) types in human tissues is a renewed subject since the discovery of probable HPV tumorigenesis mechanisms in cervical tissues and other tumor types. The cancerous tissues were observed to be high infected with HPV in comparison to healthy ones. But the HPV carcinogenesis mission at prostate, lung and other epithelial tissues are still controversial. Although this role is very possible, epidemiological studies did not confirm significant correlations between infection ratios in cancerous and healthy tissues. In this insight, we revised the potential HPV histological strategy for infecting lung and prostate epithelial tissues. Our suggestions are based on the previous HPV infection mechanisms regarding cervical and other reproductive system tumors and link this to histological manifestations before tumors initiation. Other recommendations to investigate the HPV oncogenic role in lung and prostate were presented.

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