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Title : Legal and social aspects of patient rights’ ensuring in order to access quality and blood component safety: international experience and necessity for its implementation in Ukraine

Abstract :

The article raises the issue of patient rights’ ensuring to access high-quality and blood component safety, both, as in Ukraine as in other countries. The importance of effective national blood service creation in each state in order to affirm and ensure human rights in health care is emphasized. The best international experience in this field is analyzed in the work. In accordance with the international law principles the main directions of its implementation in Ukraine are outlined. In particular, the need to create an education system, aimed at promoting donation, was emphasized in the article.  The creation of an electronic system for blood donation and its components, training of donor recruitment specialists, ensuring the key bioethical principle of equality of patients in matters of blood donation and its elements, the development of a modern system for determining the quality and safety of donor blood and its components  and etc. are offered in the issue.

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