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Title : Laser in dentistry generally and in prosthodontics particularly: Literature review

Abstract :

Lasers were introduced into the field of clinical dentistry with the hope of overcoming some of the drawbacks posed by the conventional methods of dental procedures. Since its first experiment for dental application in the 1960s, the use of laser has increased rapidly in the last couple of decades. At present, wide varieties of procedures are carried out using lasers. Although soft-tissue laser was initially introduced, but with invention of new-generation laser, it is now widely used on dental hard tissue as well. Commonly used laser in dentistry includes neodymium-yttrium aluminum garnet laser, erbium: yttrium aluminum garnet, CO2, erbium chromium:yttrium scandium gallium garnet, holmium:yttrium aluminum garnet, and diode laser. Introducing lasers into dentistry helped the practitioners to overcome the constraint of conventional procedures. Recently, the foothold of lasers in modern dentistry provided ease, efficiency, specificity, and comfort both to clinicians and patients. This article provides an overview of laser history, lasers wavelength, types and applications of the use of lasers in dentistry. Which the modern practitioner needs to be familiarized with these devices and understand the possibilities and limitations of each device.

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