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Title : Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices on Quality of Life among the People Living with HIV and AIDS in Malaysia: A Methodological Discussion

Abstract :

This study contributed to the mixed method design from the ground level by discussing the probable modifications based on those challenges for the psycho-social and behavioural assessment regarding quality of life and covering vulnerable HIV patients. A combination of proper knowledge, positive attitudes and good practices can serve as a frontier of leading a better quality of life. But studies of HIV/AIDS-affected individuals have several concerns with behavioural issues. For this purpose, a quantitative design of survey method supported by focus group discussion will be implemented among the people living with HIV/AIDS in Malaysia. For the survey data, a self-administered questionnaire has been developed using scale development and verified by psychometric assessment. The multivariate logistic analysis will be estimated to fulfil the aim of the study. Later FGDs enhanced the overall as the themes were developed from confusion from quantitative results. We also addressed possible challenges in a way that can reduce the associated bias. The findings will be the baseline information while providing a model of quality of life regarding their knowledge, attitudes and practices. It will also help to design strategic programs preventing the incidence of transmission along with the quality of life among the HIV/AIDS affected population and addressing HIV/AIDS-related issues where implemented interventions will be provided ideas. The program would provide an effective and affordable way of such reduction and enhance the HIV/AIDS risks assessment.

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