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Title : Isolation of new Streptomyces Spp. from Iraq oily soil and study the colony characteristics

Abstract :

Streptomyces spp produce variety of secondary metabolite (antibiotic, antifungal and anticancer product). The isolate used in this study was isolated from oily soil in Baghdad /Iraq. That recommended and given name (Iraqi Streptomyces isolate). The morphological characters are gram positive, branching, spore formation. Iraqi Streptomyces isolate was purified on basal salt agar, the color of colony is white grayish according to different media which used while back color given different colour dependent on the type of the media which used. the media (international Streptomyces project media type (ISP3,ISP5,ISP7), Czapek's agar (CZ.A.) ,potato dextrose agar (P.D.A), Benett’s agar (B.A), glycerin glycine agar (G.G.A), are the most useful for growth and morphological study of this isolate. Its urease, lipase and citrate test were positive, indole and HCN test were negative. the physiological properties of Iraqi Streptomyces isolate were (the optimum temperature (28°C), well grew in (6%) Nacl, optimum pH is 7.

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