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Title : Intellectual Assessment of children with autism spectrum disorders

Abstract :

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a significant language and cognitive function deficiency. This study aimed to determine the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of children with ASD, as well as the influence of age on the Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale, Fifth Edition (SB-5). This type of study will aid in early detection and intervention in children with ASD. This cross-sectional study included 99 children with ASD according to "DSM-5, 75 males and 24 females, and their age ranged from 3-13 years. All participants were subjected to CARS scoring and full-scale IQ by SB-5 test. The results showed that the mean of full-scale IQ was 60.64 ± 8.76, and the mean of non-verbal IQ (63.62 ± 9.49) was significantly higher than the mean of verbal IQ (58.71 ± 7.67). Our study gives clinicians new insights into the intellectual functioning of children with ASD, demonstrating how intelligence is measured in these children matters and that caution is required when assessing their true intellectual potential. We stress that the importance of early identification and diagnosis of ID may have facilitated cognitive development in ASD children.

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