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Title : Infected Cosmetic Nasal Implant with Multi-Drug Resistant Organism: A Pandemic Delay

Abstract :

Nasal dorsal augmentation is popular among Asian population compare with Caucasian where they more towards reduction and corrective rhinoplasty. The implants can be autografts (derived from the patient’s own tissues); homografts (derived from tissues obtained from a different donor of the same species) and alloplasts (implants that are either semisynthetic or entirely synthetic). We present a case of infected cosmetic nasal implant in a 35-year-old female. She presented with nasal pain and discharge which started with nasal tip discomfort and redness almost 6 months with history of nasal surgery for one year. After she failed to response to multiple courses of antibiotics, a computed tomography revealed a nasal prosthesis at the nasal dorsum with possible sign of infection. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there was delay seeing specialist for revision rhinoplasty. Later the nasal implant was removed under general anaesthesia by an otorhinolaryngologist considering the delay with the risk of ascending infection to cavernous sinus and osteomyelitis. The clinical features, imaging and urgency to be treated were reviewed.

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