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Title : Increasing Oral Hygiene Level with Android-Based Healthy Food E-book

Abstract :

Many methods are used to get the maximum oral health, through promotion, such as toothbrush education and demonstration for elementary school children. One way to improve children's behavior in maintaining oral and dental hygiene is to provide dental health education about how to brush teeth properly and correctly by using tools or media that are popular with children nowadays. According to current trends, the Android-based Healthy Food e-book is one of the right methods to change children's behavior. This study aims to determine the effect of an Android-based healthy food E-book on improving knowledge, parents’ role, and the Debris Index. This is quasi-experiment research. Samples of 150, 5th-grade elementary students, are divided into control and intervention groups. The intervention group was given dental health education with a brushing demonstration using a jaw model and accompanied by an Android-based healthy food E-book and the control group was given dental health education only. The data of the Debris Index were gathered by 4- time-weekly examinations. Knowledge and Parents’ role were gathered by questionnaire before and after the intervention. The data were analyzed with t-test (p=0.05). The results showed that there were significant differences (p<0.05) in the Debris Index, knowledge, and parents’ role in improving oral and dental hygiene between the intervention and control groups. This study concludes that counseling with an Android-based healthy food e-book, as a breakthrough innovation, accompanied by brushing teeth demonstrations, can reduce the debris index, following increasing knowledge and parents’ role to improve dental and mouth hygiene.

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