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Title : In vitro and In silico Approach to Evaluate Propyl Gallate as Antiviral Drug to Dengue Virus Through Viral Attachment Inhibition

Abstract :

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) caused by dengue virus infection (DENV) is a global infectious disease with a high incidence and mortality. However, there is no specific antiviral drug available to treat and prevent DENV infection. Propyl gallate is a potential candidate for DENV antivirus, but the inhibition mechanism is not known yet. In this study, we assessed in vitro and in silico of the antiviral activities dan mechanisms action of propyl gallate especially in the inhibition of cell receptors and DENV envelope binding. We used DENV serotype-2 New Guinea C strain and Vero cells for in vitro study. The effectivity and toxicity were obtained by focus assay and MTT assay, respectively. In addition, in silico test was carried out to calculate propyl gallate’s binding energy and inhibition constant for E protein. The inhibitory percentage of propyl gallate towards receptor and viral envelope were 9±2.65% and 53±9.85%, respectively. There was no toxic effect to the cells with viability percentage of 125±1%. The binding energy of propyl gallate to E protein was -3.21 kcal/mol with inhibition constant of 4.44 mM. Hence, propyl gallate has an inhibitory effect on DENV-2 and is non-toxic if given in viral attachment stage. The low binding energy between E protein and propyl gallate shows spontaneous bond with a good affinity. Propyl gallate is potential as DENV-2 prophylaxis.

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