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Title : Improving The Prevention Of The Circulatory System Diseases Among The Adult Population By Health Workers In Primary Health Care Facilities

Abstract :

In the context of reforming the general health care system, the performers of preventive measures remain medical workers of primary health care institutions, control, and responsibility for the work of which is entrusted to the institution itself. In connection with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated January 26, 2018, No. 157, the existing organizational technologies for quality control and adaptation to the healthcare sector need to be updated. We propose at the regional level to approve regional protocols for organizing the provision of medical care to patients with cardiovascular diseases, depending on the level of prevention, create a regional training center to improve the level of knowledge of medical workers and introduce targeted training programs for medical workers providing primary health care; at the level of health care institutions providing primary health care - to approve indicators of the quality of medical care for patients with cardiovascular diseases and a methodology for monitoring and evaluating quality indicators. The proposed model helps to determine approaches to the formation of indicators of the quality of preventive measures at the regional level, which will allow using the information obtained from the estimated data to support managerial decisions on coordinating actions in the system and improving the quality of medical care, will lead to an improvement in population health indicators.

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