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Title : Improving Hospital Service Quality of Emergency Department in Pandemic Era: Implementing Integration of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Logical Framework Analysis (LFA)

Abstract :

The world is currently facing new challenges with the emergence of COVID-19; during this pandemic, several reports have shown a decrease in the number of visits to health services, the emergency department must be able to develop a design program to improve the quality during the pandemic. This study has aimed to build a quality improvement framework in the emergency department in the pandemic era by implementing Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Logical Framework Analysis (LFA). This study uses a Mix Method by applying the QFD method, which identifies and analyzes challenges and applies the priorities of the QFD results using LFA to develop a plan. and implementation programs. Analysis of QFD 5 service aspects and 12 technical management responses shows priority from the highest to the lowest for emergency services during a pandemic; based on the results of these priorities, a framework was developed using LFA and obtained a program with goals, objectives, 4 outputs and 12 activities that have indicators and implementation plan. The Conclusion of this research is the integration of quality functions and logical framework analysis is an effective method to identify and analyze challenges from a patient perspective and develop a quality improvement framework, especially in the pandemic era.

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