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Title : Impact Levels of Soft Drinks on Kidney Patients

Abstract :

The goals are to note the effect of increased consumption of soft drinks on the kidneys and symptoms of kidney disease relationship between soft drinks consumption and chronic kidney disease. The numbers for a group of patients and healthy people for both men and women were 280 adults, which evaluated their consumption of soft drinks. Conducted a questionnaire for them and calculated the average age, body mass index, and percentage of women and men. The values of urea, creatinine, protein, and LDL cholesterol were calculated for normal and compared with the value of patients who consume the same amount of soft drinks. In the first of three groups who consume 500 or fewer of soft drinks during the week, the second group included those who consume 1000 ml of soft drinks during the week and the third group included those who consume more than 1000 ml of soft drinks during the week. The patient's history of diseases associated with other kidney diseases was recorded, such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, pressure, kidney stones, and bacterial kidney infection. Excess consumption of soft drinks may increase symptoms of kidney disease and the development of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

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