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Title : Identify and Prioritize Social factors and strategies affecting Children's health

Abstract :

Children's development is a complex issue in which social factors and their rising environment influence their behavior and practice changes. The present study aimed to identify and prioritize social factors and strategies affecting children's developmental health. The statistical population consisted of 12 physician’s experts and experts related to the discussion of children's development in Tehran for the qualitative section, among which the experts' interview and a questionnaire were distributed, the subjects were selected using the snowball method, and seven of them completed the questionnaire for DEMATEL questionnaire and 5 for TOPSIS questionnaire. The study's main purposes include five criteria of individual factors related to children, family factors, environmental factors, governance factors, and global factors. The research indicators were identified using the Delphi method. Data analysis was performed using the DEMATEL-TOPSIS approach. It was proved that the "family factors" criterion was the priority among the criteria and had the most significant influence and interaction with other criteria, and the criteria of governance factors had the most significant impact among the criteria. The best solution is "improving society's health status and correcting the health behaviors of families." The strategy of "creating and developing academic disciplines or trends in senior, doctoral and specialized medical levels, related to the growth and development of the child" is in the last place. Social factors play an essential role in children's developmental health, and paying attention to them can lead to an improvement in children's developmental health process.

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