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Abstract :

Low back pain is the most common health problem and the main cause of work and activity limitation. Standard therapy for low back pain is Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID). Previous studies showed add on eperisone give more pain reduction. Measure the difference of pain reduction between ibuprofen and eperisone combination treatment with ibuprofen in acute non-specific low back pain patients. Ibuprofen 400 mg oral and eperisone hydrochloride 50 mg oral. This was a randomized controlled trial study. Sampling on this study used consecutive sampling with a total sample of 100 subjects. Subjects were divided into two groups; the experimental group was given combination therapy with ibuprofen and eperisone hydrochloride and the control group was given therapy of ibuprofen. The study was conducted for four weeks with three times data collection the baseline and after undergoing therapy every two weeks. During the therapy the pain scale will be measured using a numeric pain scale. Subjects consisted of 61 female and 39 males. There were no significant differences in baseline characteristic. The results showed pain reduction in the experimental group 36.55 ± 27.55 while in the control group 23.00 ± 29.49. In the experimental group >50% pain reduction (72,4%) better than control group (46,7%). Pain loss in the experimental group (76,9%) better than control group (23,9%). The combination treatment of eperisone and ibuprofen is more effective in reducing pain compared to treatment with ibuprofen.

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